Neualtenburg Invasion Footage!

Mince Pie III : The Distraction!

Stay tuned for Mince Pie IV : The Extraction!

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The Story of the Neualtenburg vs Caledon War –chapters I-IV

Coming quite soon — Chapters V-VI

Distraction & Extraction

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WAR IN NEUALTENBURG!!!!! Is it upon us?

My dear friends, I write this missive now from my rat infested prison cell in a remote location someplace in Caledon. I do hope this missive reaches you.

I have been kidnapped.

As Kaiserin von Neualtenburg I ask all my friends to consider joining in our needed reprisal against the hostile nation of Caledon.

I need recruits. We are horribly outnumbered.

Please. If you wish to join our Navy or Airforce contact: Albrecht Hienrichs.

If you wish to join our brave Husar Cavalry contact : Jaeger Edelweiss.

You will be issued a uniform (spiffy one too) and will have to buy a rifle (money goes to RFL charity)

You will be filmed as part of a series of videos to be released later on Youtube –so smile pretty.

I can be contacted by message (goes to my e-mail) but I can’t be inworld until I am rescued –for the love of God!

SAVE ME!!!!!!

enlist in the Neualtenburg armed services.

(I must go –my jailer is suspicious)

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I Know when you’ve been bad or good.

So be good for goodness’ sake! It seems a particular gang of hooligans in my favorite hobby, Second Life, have decided that I don’t blog enough! This group of ne’erdowells (led by one Mr. Logan Bauer) have provided me with the virtual equivalent of a probationary ankle bracelet in an effort to ensure that I will continue to blog, and blog with more frequency.

And on Christmas no less! While yours truly is never one to succumb so easily to intimidation, I have decided to take the hint and indeed will try to blog more.

Since Mr. Bauer has published his script on an open forum, I trust he won’t mind my publishing here.

As follows:

key clicker;


touch_start(integer num_det)
clicker = llDetectedKey(0);
http_response(key req, integer stat, list notused, string body)
string tmp = “en”;
integer start = llSubStringIndex(body,tmp);
string meat = llGetSubString(body,(start + llStringLength(tmp) + 20),(start + 256));
string tmp2 = ““;
integer end = llSubStringIndex(meat,tmp2);
end –;
meat = llGetSubString(meat,0,end);

if (meat == “Tarako!”)
llSay(0,”Unfortunately, it appears Kendra still hasn’t updated her blog since the Tarako! entry on September 12th, 2006.”);
llLoadURL(clicker,”Code red! New blog entry detected : “+meat,””);


Naughty Naughty Naughty. A Lump of coal and a hearty thank you to you, Logan.

Merry Christmas!!

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This is currently RULING MY MIND!!!!!!

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Curse Of The White Cheddar Cheez-its

Damn White Cheddar Cheez-its!

Stupid vending machine at work just stocked itself with White Cheddar Cheez-its! I’m supposed to be on a diet but these damnable cracked laced white cheddar cheez-its are getting the better of me! Curse them! We Loves them! We hates them, my precious!!

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People Call Me A Conspiracy Nut Because —

People called me a conspiracy theorist when I pointed out that:
• Bush was going to abandon diplomacy and invade Iraq.
• the weapons inspectors, including Scott Ritter said there were no WMDs.
• having no purview at Guantanamo Bay was an open door to abuses.
• the Bush administration was probably using the patriot act to spy on us domestically, including peace activists.
• terror alerts seemed to coincide with low poll ratings for Bush.
• Bush was trying to get control of all three branches of government.
• the line between “suspected terrorist” and “dissident” was going to blur and disappear.
• there was such a group as the “neocons”.
• the neocons had influence in the brand new Bush administration.
• Bush’s first cabinent was completely composed of war hawks and oil company hacks, and that that meant we were probably heading for a war over oil.
• Diebold was owned by a high donating republican operative.
• the gang of 14 would lead to packing the supreme court with the most outrageously conservative lineup, with no opposition.
• Bush would probably recess appoint Bolton.
• just because they’re US soldiers, does not mean they’ll always be fair and treat prisoners well.
• whistleblowers would be persecuted.
• we would be torturing prisoners, I was told no not us, not us americans.
• Abu Ghraib was a lot more than just a few “bad apples”.
• The swiftboaters were probably organized and funded by a right wing organization.

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Now they’ve gone and done it.

LL in it’s infinite wisdom has decided they are shutting down their forums. What does that mean for you (and more importantly me)?

It means I have to make a damned blog now. Where else will you get to hear about my take on the political scene? Doings in Port Neualtenburg? Where else will you get to see me post obscure pics I find on google –and where the hell else will you get to hear me run off at the mouth in general.

You love reading my words. Admit it. So check back soon. Check back often.

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